Major: Undergraduate IEOR

IEOR: What are your post-graduation plans (Grad school, industry, travel, etc.)?

Camille Stuczynski: Full time at AT&T in the Leadership Development Program.

IEOR: What is your favorite IEOR class and why?

Camille Stuczynski: IEOR 162 because it’s so fun to find the optimal solution!

IEOR: What is your favorite Cal memory?

Camille Stuczynski: Being featured in the Berkeley Engineering welcome postcards that are sent out to all the freshmen! It was a huge honor to be recognized for all the good work I’d done for Phi Sigma Rho

IEOR: What is your advice to younger IEOR students?

Camille Stuczynski: Take CS 61B pass/no pass! It’s a fun class, you learn a lot programming, it better prepares you for any interviews that might require a technical background and it’s very satisfying to accomplish!

IEOR: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Camille Stuczynski: I love the IEOR staff! They are exceptional!