BS (‘93)
Senior Director of Operations, Next Step Partners

What did you do after graduating Cal?
I worked as a business systems analyst, then a technical project manager at Charles Schwab. I went on to get my MBA in strategy and nonprofit management from Yale. Then I was a management consultant for a few years, then worked at a startup, then at Blue Shield as an ‘e-business manager.’ I ended up leading some training and
development sessions in India for engineers that had been promoted to management, and that is how I got into my current industry.

What are you currently working on?
We have a 30+ person virtual team (mostly national but some international.) I work on planning for learning and development sessions for our clients, marketing, budget, and am currently designing a 2 day offsite for us in January. So a little bit of everything except the actual executive and team coaching – since I am not a certified coach.

What was the most important thing you learned while studying at Cal?
Scrappiness. Figuring out creative ways to get things done. Cal may not have all the
resources that some other private universities have, but it helps in life when things aren’t handed to you.