CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Gogi

Coleman launched OpenLink in 1992 to challenge market conventions with a robust and open technology platform. As the initial business architect, he laid this cross-market risk architecture – which is still unique today – for a robust environment that seamlessly supports front- through back-office requirements for financial and energy/commodity markets. The company was chosen as the inaugural winner of Risk Management Innovator of the Year by Platts in 2007.

After retiring from the CEO and Chairman positions at OpenLink, Coleman has been devoting significant amounts of his energy and resources (through the Coleman Fung Foundation) to a number of worthy educational and environmental causes, including creating the Coleman Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership at the University of California, Berkeley.  Coleman holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering/Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley, and he also served in the US Army.