Admitted Undergrad Students

Welcome UC Berkeley IEOR incoming class for the Fall 2023 Undergraduate program

Congratulations on being accepted to the University of California, Berkeley Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research! Being admitted to Cal means that you have already persisted through many challenges and excelled in many ways.

It’s truly an exciting time to join the IEOR department. Since its establishment in 1966, our department has been at the forefront of IE/OR research and education and has some of the most successful alumni in the world, some of which you will find on this page. Our alumni go on to exciting, fulfilling and diverse careers in both academia and industry. Imagine an academic career where you are a professor leading a large research program at a top university making new discoveries that can benefit generations to come. Or think of working in industry at a large technology company analyzing pricing data, or helping a warehouse automate their entire shipping process using the latest optimization and machine learning algorithms and technology.

Located in San Francisco Bay Area, California’s hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, UC Berkeley’s IEOR department is uniquely positioned to advance the technologies transforming and fueling the economy and prepare its students for exciting career opportunities. As collecting and processing large amounts of data become easier, the demand for data-driven, automated decision-making is rapidly rising across industries ranging from e-commerce to healthcare, from transportation to energy. Businesses and governments seek to harness data as a way to respond faster to changes in demand and supply, to better manage cost and risk, and to improve efficiency of their operations through data-driven analytics. With their expertise in optimization, stochastics, and data analytics, IEOR faculty and students craft innovative solutions for business and industry systems, including healthcare, supply chains, energy, finance and risk management.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or the IEOR staff should you have any questions about the program. On the upcoming visit day, we will highlight the myriad opportunities at Berkeley in research and in the Berkeley and Bay Area community. We hope you will accept your admission to Cal, and we look forward to seeing you in the Fall!

Go Bears!
Alper Atamturk
Professor and IEOR Department Chair

What is IEOR?

In this award-winning video, Berkeley IEOR students explain what industrial engineering & operations research is and how their skills make an impact and improve the world.

Supply Chain & Logistics

truck gold

IEOR students are the premier experts in getting anything from one place to another in the most efficient and optimal manner.

Stochastics & Data Science

atom gold

IEOR students learn the latest statistics, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help companies make better  decisions.

Optimization & Algorithms

gear gold

IEOR students can find the most elegant way to make any system more efficient, saving companies millions of dollars, time and other resources.

By the Numbers

73% of our students secure full-time employment by graduation, and 11% pursue graduate school as part of their post-graduation plans.

$90,000 average starting salary for undergraduates.

11:1 student-to-faculty ratio allows IEOR students to build strong relationships with professors who go above and beyond to ensure students get the most from their classes.

CalDay Program

Imagine seeing the most exciting, outrageous, informative aspects of Berkeley and the College of Engineering, all in one day. It’s called Cal Day, an extravaganza of events that showcase the brilliance and fun of Berkeley.

Cal Day 2023, on Saturday, April 22, is only for newly admitted students and their families. We are looking forward to getting to know you and helping you get to know us. Join us from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. for a full day of events, exploration, and interactions with engineering students, advisers and faculty.

Current Schedule:

  • 9 am -4 pm: Resource Fair
    • Hearst Mining Circle, booth 121
      • Newly admitted majors can pick up their IEOR T-Shirt!
  • 10 am - 12 pm Robotics Lab tour (AUTOlab)
    • 3107 Etcheverry Hall
      • Autolab is a leading center for research in robotics and automation sciences.
  • 12 pm to 1 pm: IEOR Overview and Lecture by Professor Anil Aswani
    • 3106 Etcheverry Hall
      • Overview of the major and student Q&A

Berkeley IEOR Alumni Infographic

IEOR Alumni Profiles

IEOR Senior Profile Photo Aditya Tyagi

Aditya Tyagi

MS in Analytics,
Northwestern University
Headshot Aimee Largier

Aimee Largier

Program Manager,
Air Carrier Management at Amazon
Erera HS2015

Alan Erera

UPS Professor of Logistics, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies,
Georgia Institute of Technology
Albert Qian scaled

Albert Qian

Wholesale Credit Risk Analyst,
JP Morgan Chase
image 7

Amanda Brief

Roundtable Google Amber Richter

Amber Richter

Data Scientist,

Ambika Mukherjee

Associate Consultant,
Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson

Andrés Gómez

Andrés Gómez

Assistant Professor,
Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California
Andrew Laffoon

Andrew Laffoon

Bellalu Photography 82 Andrew Laffoon e1551913939101

Andrew Lafoon

AA headshot Anjali Apte

Anjali Apte

Senior Director of Operations,
Next Step Partners

Faculty Spotlights

Alper Atamturk

Professor and Chair

AlperAtamturk 3 4 square

"We are in an exciting era in optimization research where a series of mathematical discoveries and algorithmic innovations, coupled with the advances in computer technology, make it possible to offer solutions to problems in a variety of areas, ranging from fleet logistics to electronic financial exchanges, from power systems design to genetics with massive data sets."

Rhonda Righter

Professor and Head Graduate Advisor

rhonda righter 2015 0 square

"We have great students - curious, passionate, hard-working! Berkeley's an amazing institution that excels in education and research, yet still prioritizes concerns for society and the environment. IEOR at Berkeley is even more amazing - a small, tight-knit community within this great institution."

Paul Grigas

Assistant Professor

Paul grigas

"Berkeley IEOR gives me the opportunity to work with world-class students and colleagues on challenging, exciting, and impactful projects at the forefront of research in machine learning and optimization."

Candace Yano

Distinguished Professor

candace yano 2015 0 square

"My research involves the design, planning and control of manufacturing and distribution systems, and the interface between these decisions and those related to marketing, quality, and other areas. I am interested in modeling these problems, devising solution procedures using quantitative techniques, and deriving managerial insights from the analysis."

Meet Your Advisor

Ginnie Sadil poster

Ginnie Sadil

Meet your IEOR student services advisor, Ginnie Sadil.

Email her about any questions you have at
or you can  book a virtual meeting time to chat online.



What IEOR students have to say

Class of 2021

IMG 0217 2 Sarina Xin

I love the IEOR community. I've met amazing friends and love the warmth of the entire department. Particularly at such a large university, I've truly appreciated having a tight knit department to lean on for support throughout my years at Cal.

- Sarina Xin


Class of 2022

SCF01389 2

I chose to study IEOR as it introduces me to tools and techniques for problem solving and allows me to explore some of the grandest challenges faced by our modern world.

- Vishrut Rana

Class of 2023

duncan hs Duncan Barcelona scaled

The IEOR community welcomed me with open arms from my first Cal Day and it has been one of my favorite parts of Berkeley. From our friendly students, excellent faculty, and supportive staff, my Berkeley experience would not be what it is without the members of this amazing community.

- Duncan Barcelona

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