Master of Engineering (MEng)

Are you looking to learn leadership skills while deepening your technical foundation? The one-year Berkeley Master of Engineering Program could be a great fit for you. In contrast to the Master of Science degree, the Master of Engineering (MEng) is an applied degree combining business-oriented coursework with applications-focused industrial engineering and operations research courses. It is intended to prepare students for professional practice.

In this full-time, accelerated program, students not only learn current technologies in their area of interest, but also master skills that prepare them to lead teams in developing new engineering solutions: skills in managing complex projects, motivating people and directing financial and operational matters.

Students in this program earn the MEng degree after completing a minimum of 24 units of coursework, taken over the fall and spring semesters. After completing the program, students are prepared for a career path that leads to management and executive positions in companies and organizations as well as entrepreneurial ventures.

The program is supported by the College of Engineering's Coleman Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership. The Fung Institute's mission is to prepare engineers and scientists with the multidisciplinary skills to lead enterprises of all scales, in industry, government and the nonprofit sector.