Welcome to the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department at the University of California at Berkeley. In IEOR, we invent, analyze and teach tools and approaches for design, analysis, risk management, and decision-making in complex real-world systems like supply chains, energy systems, healthcare systems, and financial systems.

"Machine Learning and Data Science are exciting new topics that combine results from stochastics and optimization to provide a growing range of products and services.  IEOR is excited to develop new courses and research projects in these areas." - Ken Goldberg, Chair

What is Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IEOR)?

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineers find the most effective and efficient way to use basic factors of production — people, machines, materials, information, and energy — to  make a product or provide a service.

Operations Research

Operations research makes use of mathematical techniques such as statistics, probability, and optimization to find the best solutions to complex real-world problems.

Areas of research

IEOR tools and approaches are applicable across nearly every industry. Below you will find some common research and application areas.

Supply chain & logistics

Research in supply chain management explores the effective and efficient flow of goods and services in supply chains.

Financial systems

Financial engineering concerns the application of analytical, statistical, and computational methods to solve problems in financial economics.

Healthcare systems

Faculty at UC Berkeley IEOR are involved with research impacting different levels of the healthcare system. 

Energy systems

Energy Research in the IEOR Department focuses on modeling, analysis and optimization of energy systems and in particular power systems.

Optimization & algorithms

Optimization is in the center of every engineering discipline and every sector of the economy. 

Stochastic modeling & simulation

Risk and uncertainty is inherent in all real-world systems, and understanding its impact is essential in performance analysis and optimization.

Innovation & entrepreneurship

Our era is defined by innovation and UC Berkeley lies within the world's leading technological dynamo of Silicon Valley.

Robotics & Automation

Robotics and automation are advancing rapidly due to innovations in sensors, devices, UAVs, networks, optimization, and machine learning, accelerated by corporate and private investment.