Dining Options

Workshop on Probability and Statistics in Finance

May 30-31, 2012     UC Berkeley, CA

Dining Options

Coffee / sandwiches / burger

2. Northside Cafe

4. Vinnie's Cheesesteaks

5. Nefeli Caffe

6. Hummingbird Express

10. Bongo Burger

11. Stuffed Inn

12. Brewed Awakening

13. Qualcomm Cafe


Pizza and pasta

7. La Val's Pizza            

North side of campus

Asian food

1.   Hearst Food Court

·  TC Garden (Chinese food)

·  Peppermint (Grill)

·  Aki's (Japanese food)

·  Camille (Vietnamese food)

·  Gonmaru (Korean food)

·  Chiang Lai (Thai food)


3. Urbann Turbann (Indian food)


13. Jasmine Thai


Mexican food

8. La Burrita

9. Celia's Mexican Restaurant

Other options


There are many restaurants at downtown Berkeley, near the intersection of University Ave and Shattuck Ave (map). The Gourmet Ghetto in North Berkeley also presents a variety of decent dining options. It is the part of Shattuck Ave from Delaware Street to Rose Street, and along Vine from Shattuck to Walnut St (map). It is 10-20 minutes walk from the North Gate of campus.