Campus Maps

Workshop on Probability and Statistics in Finance

May 30-31, 2012     UC Berkeley, CA

Campus Maps

Campus map

The conference locations are marked in the following campus map:

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When you are asking for directions on campus, you can ask for directions to the North Gate, or the Soda Hall.

Directions from Women's Faculty Club to workshop venue















Directions from Hotel Shattuck Plaza to workshop venue

Suggested route from Hotel Shattuck Plaza to the workshop venue:


1.  From Hotel Shattuck Plaza, exit to Allston Way, turn right and walk until Shattuck Ave. 

2.  Turn left onto Shattuck Ave and walk until you reach University Avenue (blocks).

3.  At University Ave, turn right and walk until you reach Oxford Street. 

4.  Turn left onto Oxford Street, walking until Hearst Ave. 

5.  Turn right onto Hearst Ave, crossing the road to keep yourself on the sidewalk on  the left (i.e. North) of the road.

6.  Walk along Hearst Avenue until you see Euclid Ave, an intersection with some coffee shops and restaurants, with the North gate on your right. At this point, cross the road to the side of North gate and then keep walking along Hearst for half a block, until you see Soda Hall, a green building on your left. The workshop venues, Sutardja Dai Hall and Blum Hall, are then on your right.