General Information

Lab Information

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research has three computer laboratories all in Etcheverry Hall. They are the:

The PC Laboratory are open to all students with a valid card-key AND an IEOR MS Windows domain account, while the Graduate Laboratory is open only to graduate students in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. While the AUTOMATION Lab is open to students doing research with Professor K. Goldberg.

The PC Laboratory is a teaching laboratory. This means that at various times it will be reserved specifically for a class. Notices will be posted outside the door showing the hours reserved for the current week and the week immediately to follow. During the hours the laboratory is reserved, the laboratory will be off limits to any student not in the applicable class. Please make sure to check these notices before entering the laboratory.

Apply for IEOR Computer Account:

Free Software

Free software can be obtained by consulting the page:  IEOR 115 use the PC Laboratory extensively, so if you are intending to take this course, you should familiarize yourself with the machines and layout of Room 1173.