Alex Ackroyd has been living and working in the Bay Area for a little over a decade. She graduated from UCSB with a Bachelors of Science in Statistics in 2012. Since then, she spent year and a half dabbling in the startup scene designing mobile apps and founding a non-profit in San Francisco and Palo Alto. From there, she developed a passionate interest in LEAN process improvement, so she pivoted into the data visualization design space and expanded into a role that has aspects of process engineering and advanced analytics. Alex currently works as a Business Systems Analyst in the Analytics Enablement group at Flex, a top tier contract manufacturer.

Alex is very excited to matriculate into the UC Berkeley Masters of Engineering program Fall 2016 at the Fung Institute of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research as a part time student.

Outside of work, Alex has a passionate love for the outdoors, travel, and dance. Her favorite places are high alpine meadows and art museums, and she spends her free evenings dancing the night away in salsa clubs.


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Skype: ahackroyd