David Schmoy - Cornell University
Monday, April 23

3108 Etcheverry Hall

3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Research: The primary focus of Professor David Schmoy's research is on the design and analysis of efficient algorithms for discrete optimization problems, and in particular, on approximation algorithms for NP-hard and other computationally intractable problems. Linear programming relaxations have played a fundamental role in obtaining good solutions to hard optimization problems, and he continue to study their application to a range of problems in clustering, sequencing and scheduling, and inventory problems, in both deterministic and stochastic optimization settings. In addition to studying these problems with a theoretical lens, he has been involved in the practical application of these techniques in settings ranging from genomics to medical aircraft scheduling to the long-term planning for the preservation of the red-cockaded woodpecker to the operational logistics and design of bike-sharing systems.