Alumni profiles

I'm a 1964 UC-Berkeley engineering grad with an IEOR major, and since graduation my professional life has followed a path that I never could have predicted but that in retrospect seems to make sense (sort of).  While at Berkeley, I worked as a systems engineer at Lockheed/Sunnyvale on a work-study program,  After graduation, I went to law school and then worked as a patent attorney and intellectual property strategist at several large law firms, ultimately ending up handling the IP aspects of over $50B worth of corporate M&A (mergers and acquisitions) transactions.  In 2004, after thirty-five years as a lawyer, I tore up my bar card and started my own "IP investment banking" firm, which advises technology companies and institutional investors in acquiring, divesting and investing in IP assets having strategic value, and in sourcing and executing corporate transactions in which IP plays a significant role.  The theme that runs through it all is a structured approach to solving business problems (e.g., decision and risk analysis) which I learned at Berkeley .