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Students walking under Sather Tower, Photo credit, Elena Zhukova.

Accelerate Your Career

Ready to take your career to the next level with an advanced degree from the world's top public university? The Master of Engineering program at UC Berkeley is a hands-on program for professionals looking to increase their engineering leadership and management skills, expand their technical expertise, and gain industry experience with hands-on projects and collaborations. In this full-time, accelerated program, you will not only learn current technologies in your area of interest, but also master skills that prepare you to lead teams in developing new engineering solutions: skills in managing complex projects, motivating people and directing financial and operational matters.

Students in this program earn the Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree after completing a minimum of 24 units of coursework, taken over the fall and spring semesters. Upon graduation, you will be ready for a career path that leads to management and executive positions in companies and organizations as well as entrepreneurial ventures.

The program is supported by the College of Engineering's Coleman Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership. The Fung Institute's mission is to prepare engineers and scientists with the multidisciplinary skills to lead enterprises of all scales, in industry, government and the nonprofit sector. See their FAQ for more useful information about the Master of Engineering program.

Become an Engineering Leader

Expand your effectiveness as an engineer by gaining valuable leadership skills. All students in the program take core leadership courses in areas such as marketing, finance, law, analysis, and project management to help you take the next step in your career.

Develop Your Technical Expertise

The Master of Engineering program not only prepares students with the leadership skills necessary to manage multi-faceted projects, but also helps students gain a deeper understanding of an engineering discipline. Master of Engineering students concentrating in IEOR are required to take IEOR 240 (Optimization Analytics) and IEOR 241 (Risk Modeling, Simulation, and Data Analysis) and two additional IEOR electives of their choice in areas such as data science, financial engineering, supply chain management, operations research, and decision analytics.

Hands-on Capstone Experience

Set in the heart of the Bay Area, the worldwide epicenter for engineering innovation, students attending UC Berkeley are uniquely positioned to build lasting connections with industry. Through the capstone experience, students form interdisciplinary teams, partner with industry, and benefit from the expertise of industry leaders and faculty to apply their learning by creating real projects.

At Your Own Pace

The Master of Engineering program offers a flexible timeline for students:

  1. Full-time option - Our full-time option provides an intensive, industry-oriented experience that can be completed in just one year.
  2. Part-time option for working professionals - Not everyone is able to take a year off from work to go back to school. Our part-time option allows working professionals to complete the program in 2-4 years. See a sample part-time schedule here.
  3. Part-time evening option - For IEOR students who wish to focus on Decision Analytics, there is also a part-time evening option available.

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