Ken Goldberg

craigslist Distinguished Professor of New Media and Professor, IEOR and EECS and School of Information

Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University, 1990
Computer Science

425 Sutardja Dai Hall
(510) 643-9565

Personal Webpage:

"At the Automation Sciences Lab, my students and I are advancing research in robotics and automation with projects in medical robotics, networked telerobotics, automated manufacturing, and new media artforms."

Ken Goldberg teaches and supervises research in Robotics, Automation, and New Media. Ken has published over 150 peer-reviewed technical papers on algorithms for robotics, automation, and social information filtering; his inventions have been awarded eight US Patents. He is Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering (T-ASE), Co-Founder of the Berkeley Center for New Media, Co-Founder and CTO of Hybrid Wisdom Labs, Co-Founder of the Moxie Institute, and Founding Director of UC Berkeley's Art, Technology, and Culture Lecture Series. he is craigslist Distinguished Professor of New Media. Ken also holds an appointment in the UC San Francisco Medical School where he pursues research in medical robotics.

Ken is Director of UC Berkeley's Automation Science Lab.

More on Ken's research and teaching can be found at:

  • Medical Robotics
  • Algorithmic Automation
  • Geometric Algorithms
  • Internet Applications and Collaborative Filtering

Ph.D. Theses Supervised
  • Dr. Jeremy Schiff. Structured Tracking for Safety, Security, and
    Privacy: Algorithms for Fusing Noisy Estimates from Sensor, Robot, and
    Camera Networks. UC Berkeley EECS Dept, Aug 2009.
  • Dr. Ron Alterovitz. Planning and Optimization Algorithms for Image-Guided Medical Procedures. UC Berkeley IEOR Dept, Aug 2006.
  • Dr. K. Gopal Gopalakrishnan. Algorithms, Models, and Metrics for the Design of Fixtures using Part Concavities. UC Berkeley IEOR Dept, Aug 2005.
  • Dr. Dezhen Song. Systems and Algorithms for Collaborative Tele-Operation. UC Berkeley IEOR Dept, Aug 2004.
  • Dr. Mike Tao Zhang. Optimal Design of Self-Aligning Robot Gripper Jaws. UC
    Berkeley IEOR Dept, 2001.
  • Dr. Hadi Moradi. Force Based Assembly Planning and Grouping For Compiling
    Assembly Plans. USC Computer Science Dept, 1999.
  • Dr. Jeff Wiegley. Sorting Convex Polygonal Parts Without Sensors On A
    Conveyor. USC Computer Science Dept, 1998.
  • Dr. Richard Wagner. Strut Fixtures: Modular Synthesis and
    Efficient Algorithms. USC Computer Science Dept, 1997.
  • Dr. Dukhun Kang. Efficient Learning of RISC Sensor-Based Manipulation
    Plans. USC Computer Science Dept, 1995.
  • Dr. Kyeonah Yu. Loading Sensor-Based Fixtures with Compliant Motions. USC
    Computer Science Dept, 1995.
  • Dr. Anil Rao. Algorithmic Plans for Robotic Manipulation. 1992 USC
    Electrical Engineering Dept, 1992.